Most Wanted: Missoni Black Leather Handbag

It-bags are never a good investment. When looking for our next Fall purse, we want something chic and timeless—not something that, in a year, will cause us to wince at the follies of 2013. Enter the above black leather number from Missoni’s first bag collection. The bag is classic in its shape, color, and texture—we’ll want to come back to black pebbled leather in two years’ time, something we can’t say for sure about anything neon, fur, or studded. Understated is not boring, and this purse has elegance in the details, such as burnt-orange leather on the handles, a subtle orange lining on the (extra long, extra useful) second strap, and the classic Missoni zig-zag print on the interior. This purse doesn’t scream, “Look at me!” but it certainly whispers, “I’m stylish.” Priced at $2,110 and available online at Missoni and in-store at Missoni’s Madison Avenue flagship in New York.

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