Most Wanted: Libertine Bomber

Surrealist photography is often left unconsidered, except for the likes of Man Ray and André Kertész. So when we saw this Libertine bomber jacket emblazoned with Herbert Bayer’s Lonely Metropolitan we immediately fell in love. Bayer is not only a relatively unknown artist from the early 20th century, but also a pioneer of Photoshop before the digital age. Loney Metropolitan, made in 1932, layers Bayer’s eyes atop his palms, as his forearms float in the courtyard of a Berlin apartment building. When placed on Libertine’s jacket, the print is partially spliced and reproduced, furthering the black-and-white image’s innate surrealist nature. As an old form with a new—or at least largely unknown—pattern, the bomber exemplifies Libertine designer Johson Hartig’s mission of “creatively immersing himself and those around him in a whimsical trip where old school classics meet new school know-how.” The bomber is priced at $1,500 and can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Maxfield in Los Angeles.

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