Most Wanted: Givenchy Rottweiler iPad Case

Paws off the iPad, or our Givenchy rottweiler, who we have named “Hubert,” will get you. You have probably seen Hubert around town—on Liv Tyler’s T-shirt, for example—so you know he’s very snarly when crossed, a gangsta pup par excellence. The Cerberus of carry-alls. At Interview, we are very protective of our technological gadgets—not to toot our own horn, but have a pretty sweet website and iPad app, and not being able to access them anywhere and everywhere is very stressful. We might not look very threatening in our Balenciaga blouse and floral flats, but we feel tough when clasping this iPad case. Available from Givenchy boutiques.

This Most Wanted item was chosen by Interview fashion assistant Stephanie Strauss.