Most Wanted: Electric Feathers Genie Halter Jumpsuit

Mobility is always important. Mobility is freedom, and freedom breeds confidence. Who wants to teeter around in a restrictive bandeau dress worrying that someone will mistake you for pregnant if you eat a sandwich when you can run, skip, jump, and cartwheel to your heart’s content in a breezy jumpsuit? With designers like Leana Zuniga, who helms both Electric Feathers and its accompanying Brooklyn boutique Electric Nest, mobility doesn’t require a sacrifice of style. The above silk genie halter jumpsuit, one of several jumpsuit styles offered by Electric Feathers (another of which we recently saw rocked by stylist Marina Muñoz), is a good example: bringing a little exotic elegance to a casual cool staple, it comes with an “infinite” belt that you can twist, braid, and knot through the side loops in as many ways as you can come up with. Priced at $755 and available online at Electric Feathers and at the Electric Nest boutique in Williamsburg.

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