Most Wanted: David Yurman Black Diamond Pinky Ring

The phrase “ring finger” is a little unnecessarily exclusive, isn’t it? We think every digit deserves adornment—and we’re starting with the oft-neglected pinky, which can be difficult to outfit for reasons of proportion. A ring too large can overwhelm the finger or, worse, cross over into Mafioso territory; and why bother with a tiny, dainty one? This black diamond creation by David Yurman, a clever update on the signet ring, strikes just the right balance.

Traditional signets, worn on the pinkies of aristocrats, have assisted in sealing envelopes for centuries. There’s no need to push this one into a gob of hot wax—it sends a message all on its own. Priced at $6,800 and available at David Yurman’s website and selected David Yurman locations.

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