Milan Mensweek Wrap-Up: Look Out, Paris



Milan fashion week had a big Red Bull shot of youthful clothing, models and look without forgetting its “heritage,” a word that was endlessly repeated all week and made you remember that one has to remember ones past in order to move forward and forward  they did. Here are the week’s Cliffs Notes:

Missoni: Men came out in layers and layers of yummy patterns in the house’s iconic/(is that “heritage?”) way, in a range of earthtone hues that set the tone for the 70s revival to come. A patchworked fur stadium coat lined in whatelse but shearling was a favorite along with the long ali mcgraw patterned scarves.

Emernegildo Zegna: Speaking of “heritage” (I warned you), Zegna celebrated its 100 years in fashion with a show that really proved it’s all in the fabric. They showed a reproduction of fabric #1, the first Zegna fabric produced in 1910—and impeccable tailoring. 

Dolce & Gabbana: The inspiration for the designers this season was the Italian Baaria, a melodrama about their native Sicily. This came across in comfortable clothes that were ripe with authentic flare and presented in vignets of long john bearing models. The show was a lesson in cinematic dressing—from underwear and bathing to denim, to bejweled and beaded tuxedos—with a sense of the lived in and distressed that summed up the season.