Meadham Kirchhoff

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Meadham Kirchhoff’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection was a three-way fusion between a Victorian-era aristocrat, an ’80s disco starlet, and an early millennial working girl. Brash at times, dainty at others, ballsy yet seductive—the extensive 40-look show was equal parts shock factor and undeniable wearability. Models walked out of a full-scale valentine box of hearts, no doubt a nod to the collision between demure and sexy in the designs. Pillars included coats with strong lapels, ruffled collars, thick patterned tights, and metallic space boots straight out of the ’80s. The palette evolved along with the Meadham and Kirchhoff girl did from look to look: pale blues and pinks for the schoolgirl, bright fuchsias and purples for the theatrical. Gold lamé even made an appearance mid-collection. The duo’s affinity for mixing textures was in full force for Fall. Tweed made friends with lace appliqué patent leather and embroidered patterns in a way that was crowded, but clearly intellectual. Highlights included bustiers made of translucent embroidery, an otherwise completely see-through blouse with an opaque black neck tie, and a matching lavender blazer and skirt in tweed, with black accents. Romantic and bizarre worked in unity, and the result is a collection that’s as gratuitous as it is titillating. 

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