Martha Stewart Goes for a Romp in the Hermès SS24 Garden

Hermès SS24

SATURDAY SEP. 30, 2023 2:30 PM PARIS.

For the Hermès SS24 show, creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski turned the runway into a veritable Eden, with models strutting down a catwalk lined with wildflowers as birds chirped in the background. Who better to assess the show than the reigning Queen of Plants, the legendary Martha Stewart? After the show, our EIC Mel Ottenberg talked to her about baring her Hermès midriff and what’s hot in the plant world these days.


MEL OTTENBERG: Big fan, Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart, Hermès. Martha, what do you think of the show?

MARTHA STEWART: I’m excited about it. I have to work on my midriff, because it’s very there around the waist and midriff and back, but other than that, I just love the materials. I love the workmanship. It’s a very beautiful show.

OTTENBERG: Martha, you said that this place reminds you of your farm. What’s hot in plants these days?

STEWART: Well, natural landscaping has become a very important feature in gardening. No lawns. We are getting rid of green grass because of all the chemicals needed. So we are now trying to make more natural, more sustainable gardens, and I’m working on that at the farm.

OTTENBERG: Any favorite outfits as we watch the finale together?

STEWART: I love the coats. I love these leather shorts. I love that dress right there. And the leather shirts.

OTTENBERG: That was a killer leather shirt. It was so light.

Hermès SS24

STEWART: So beautiful. And this vest coat is so beautiful.

OTTENBERG: All right.

STEWART: As is that jacket. I have that jacket.

OTTENBERG: That is a beautiful jacket.

STEWART: I have that jacket from 30 years ago.

OTTENBERG: Wow. And it’s still good, I bet. Are you wearing Hermès right now?

STEWART: Oh, yeah.

OTTENBERG: You look really, really hot.

STEWART: Look, this is my Hermès. I collect these shirts. I love these shirts. They’re the most wearable, beautiful, best-made clothing.

OTTENBERG: The best-made clothing. I went to the store yesterday and threw down for a sweater and a tie, and it’ll last me forever.

STEWART: But see, no fussy evening clothes. You can wear this day and night, whenever. I love it. Like I say, the midriff.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, this is a midriff show.

STEWART: It’s a midriff show.

Hermès SS24

OTTENBERG: Wait, this was like eight midriff looks in a row. They’re cool.

STEWART: Oh, that dress I love.


STEWART: I want that dress.

OTTENBERG: Yes. Thanks, Martha.

Hermès SS24