Bethenny Frankel’s Rich Bitch Gift Guide

Torta Anthurium Cake Candle by John Derian. Jumpsuit by Michael Kors Collection. Belt by Vaquera.

The glamorous ex–Real Housewife and accidental beauty influencer tells us what’s on her wish list this holiday season.


1. Torta Anthurium Cake Candle, John Derian, $88

“I love dessert.”



Sunglasses by Port Tanger. Rings (worn throughout) Bethenny’s Own.

2. Glass Bong, Edie Parker x Paul Arnhold, $795

“I would give this to anyone because it’s beautiful in and of itself. It’s fun for the whole family.”

3. Kelly II Sellier Mini Epsom Calfskin Bag, Hermès, $8,250

“This is an iconic bag that is worth about seven times what you would pay for it in the store. It has a strap. It actually fits an EpiPen and cell phone, which matters to me since I have severe allergies. It’s the pièce de résistance.”

4. Blaze Clutch Bag in Crocodile-Embossed Leather, Balmain, $2,595

“This is a fierce-bitch bag.”

5. Red Paillettes Embroidered Re-edition Baguette Handbag, Fendi, $4,300

“I have a handbag collection that most people don’t know about. It’s my secret addiction. It’s like eating the stuffing out of a couch. I still have my original Fendi baguettes. Bags are like karma, they’re a bitch and they come back to get you.”


Coat by Norma Kamali.

6. Strawberry Mini Bag with Chain Shoulder Strap and Double-G Detail, Gucci, $2,500

“This is a throwback to my roller skating days. It’s actually sensible in a shocking way. I want it. I need it. I love it.”



Shell sculpture by Mantiques.

7. Gucci Bee Dessert Plate, Gucci, $350

Star Eye Dessert Plate, Gucci, $310

Gucci Bee Charger Plate, Gucci, $540

Star Eye Charger Plate, Gucci, $450 (all sets of two)

“The Italians know how to do it right. Eat your pickles on a Gucci plate!”


Necklaces by Bucherer.

8. One-year subscription, Interview, $49.99

“If you want the gift that keeps on giving all year round, an Interview subscription is the way to go, because every single time this shows up—packed with adventure, fun, luxury, edginess, humor, irreverence, and pop culture—the person who gets it will be thinking of you.”

Cake Plate by Gucci.

9. Patrician Tulip Wine Stem, Gohar World, $115

“I’m a sucker for glassware. Give somebody a bottle of my Forever Young wine and two of these gorgeous glasses and you’ve got a glorious gift.”

10. Lock Bangle, Tiffany & Co., prices and styles vary

“There has not been a bracelet that stacks this way in a minute and there definitely has not been one that is oval. It’s got masculinity, femininity, and structure, but it’s delicate at the same time. I adore it.”

11. Thin Dog Leash in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin, Celine by Hedi Slimane, $365

“This is for my best dominatrix friends who want to get real fucking freaky in the bedroom. Or for your pet. My dogs are not geniuses. Somebody still poops in the house. I don’t think they’re ready for Celine, but I am.”

Chair, Pillows, and Dress by Gucci. Rug by Burkelman. Tights by Wolford.

12. Complete Three-Course Dinner for Four, Katz’s Delicatessen, $140

“This is a great gift. Katz’s is a New York institution and that is a dying art. It’s also going to be cold, and everyone’s going to want matzo ball soup and babka and corned beef and pastrami and crunchy old-school pickles.”

Coat and Brooch by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

13. iPhone 14, Apple, $799

“Oh, hello. This is a periwinkle blue, which was my favorite color from the crayon box. I dig it. I do need a case though, because I drop my phone all day.”

14. Liquid Lipstick Vinyl, Byredo, $50

“I’m an accidental beauty influencer, and I have not seen these yet, so these are cutting edge—hot off the lip gloss presses.”

15. Share the Rod, Hotel Dick, Sister Sailor, Left Bank Books, $75 each

“This is a triple-dick series, as we like to call it in the industry. There’s Share the Rod, Hotel Dick, and Sister Sailor. These are gifts for your gay bestie. I would give them to Andy Cohen. Share the love—and the rod—this holiday season.”
Bethenny Frankel

16. Decorté x Baccarat AQ Meliority Cream, Decorté, $5,000

“Now we’re in our wheelhouse, people. This is a Baccarat crystal Decorté rich-bitch cream with a crystal wand. I’m not worthy. The Princess of Wales, formerly known as Kate, deserves this. It should go to the castle and live its little castle life.”


Bethenny Frankel

17. Incense Holder, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi, 2022, Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery, $4,500

“What is it? A candle holder? It’s literally the most delicate thing I’ve ever seen. How beautiful would this be with a punch? But you don’t want anybody to touch it. I knocked it. I’m sorry. Now I’m scared of this. Are you mad at me? I don’t feel safe.”


Bethenny Frankel

18. Lace Bonnet, Gohar World, $42

“This is literally the most unnecessary thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And I buy a lot of crap.”


Bethenny Frankel

19. Les Mains Hermès Nail Files, Hermès, $45

“This is the cuntiest gift. Even if you’re living, like I was, in a studio apartment designed by Ikea, how great would it be to fucking pull out a $45 box of nail files out of your purse? That’s an asshole.”


Bethenny Frankel

20. Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick, YSL Beauty, $38

“Here’s YSL with the elegant, elegant lipstick. Make sure when you do your lips everyone sees the logo.”


Hair: Ledora Francis using R+CO
Makeup: Silvia Cincotta using Danessa Myricks Beauty
Manicure: Marietta Mack using OPI at Opus Beauty
Set Design: Mat Cullen at Lalaland Artists
Fashion Assistant: Angelica Asimakopoulos
Set Assistant: Sam Millstein
Location: Tribeca Journal Studio
Special Thanks: Robbie Sokolowsky