Marc for Moms

Marc Jacobs to the rescue for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts! Purchase one of Marc’s popular “Vera” bags [pictured, left] and receive a complimentary cosmetic case, with a free NARS lip color palette inside [pictured, right]. As you may know, it’s good luck when gifting a purse or wallet to tuck a little money inside—it supposedly ensures the holder will never be without—and we declare that this principle applies double to makeup. The promotion is offered at Saks Fifth Avenue locations in New York City, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, and provides the opportunity for a little fun Russian-nesting-dolls style gift: store the lip palette inside the cosmetic case, and hide that inside a brand-new Vera bag. (Wink, wink.) Mom gets three gifts for the price of one—of course, you don’t have to tell her.