MANIAMANIA’s Bohemian Underground

Australian jewelry label MANIAMANIA has grown into quite a cult label since their 2009 incarnation. The label’s oversized gemstones are cradled by spindly, antiqued metallics; and cuffs, chains and hardware gracefully attach raw, organic pieces into complete accessories. For MANIAMANIA’s Spring 2013 collection, titled “Performance,” creators Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis declaratively embrace the aesthetic they’ve become known for, that of the 1960s and ’70s “Bohemian” underground scene. The campaign for the collection features model-turned chanteuse Jamie Bochert, who languidly basks around her Waldorf-Astoria hotel room, outfitted in torn jersey and lace getups, and, of course, jewelry. Chunky rings with glimmers of turquoise and orb like quartzes, bracelets made of antique, Grecian-style coins, and necklaces adorned with moons and healing crystals make appearances in the collection. Many of the accessories are named after players on the scene—women like Uschi Obermaier, groupie groups like Girls Together Outrageously, and venues like The Whiskey Go-Go and Avalon Ballroom. The “Performance” collection is available for pre-order online now, to ship in mid-February.