Maison Michel’s Got Ears to the Ground

My favorite blog is FU Penguin, whose tagline is “a blog where I tell cute animals what’s what.” Enough said, I think. In April, the blog’s author responded to a saccharine shot of an Eastern bunny peering out of a basket with, “You need to get your own thing, Bunny, a white nose and perky ears is only going to get you so far. ” Apparently, bunnies of the world have taken up this challenge and proven the blogger wrong—by leaping from sappy gag-worthy imagery to the peaks
of high fashion. The hippity-hop has not been easy. Even overlooking the Playboy-tinged fashion pitfalls, there have been notable flops for bunny ears. Like the Louis Vuitton rabbit-ear cap that Madonna wore at the opening for the Model as Muse exhibition at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was lambasted for presenting the star as “mutton dressed as bunny.” But now we have the “Orelag rabbit
earmuffs” by Laetitia Crahay, Head of accessories and jewelry at Chanel and Artistic Director of the Maison Michel. Available at Colette in Paris and honored in Karl Lagerfeld’s portraits, they are sleek, playful and adorable. Yet they are also surprisingly elegant. In fact, they are to
bunnies what Fabergé is to colored eggs.