Luis Morais, Spurred Forward


For the past four seasons, Miami-based jewelry designer Luis Morais has collaborated with Simon Spurr to accessorize his menswear. The latter is a British menswear designer known for his structured tailoring. Morais is a Brazilian who dresses himself in drapey Belgian designers like Rick Owens. They have little in common, which is why the partnership is so compelling.

For Spurr’s spring show, Morais did classic British pastoral militarism with a twist, using shimmery golden tassels, white and yellow braided leathers, cord and chunky gold hardware. “My thoughts for the jewelry were based off of Simon’s love for the English countryside, the English army, and that ‘dazzle’ camouflage that he is obsessed with,” says Morais. “Dazzle” is a World War One-specific tactic, in which boats were painted in sparkly colors or zig-zagging stripes to disguise their motion.

Next up is the development of a women’s collection—though, chances are, it will end up unisex, as his men’s pieces are commonly attractive to both genders. “It will have pieces that do things,” he says. “You can take a necklace, keep it on a chain, put it on a cord. It will be interchangeable.” He hopes that women will be able to wear the pieces “from day to night—all worlds.” The collection absorbs the visual impact of a recent trip to Peru, particularly the legendary steps of Machu Picchu.

The line is expected to launch in early 2012. Until then, you can check out his pieces online at,, and as always—private inquiries and orders are accommodated at [email protected].