Goldin’s Girls

Not even Nemo could put a damper on Louise Goldin’s runway show, which was scheduled for 1pm on the Saturday after the storm hit New York City. The British designer had everything under control. “I was completely organized and [had] no problem,” Goldin told Interview post-show.
Inspired by what she referred to as “handsome women, along with warriors,” Goldin displayed her mastery of knitwear by sending out a stream of powerful looks down the runway—thick horizontal ribbed knits that resembled padded armor, bold graphic chain link patterns, and gladiator-esque pleated skirts.
When asked if she used any cultural references to conceptualize her collection, the designer answered, “It was really just visuals, various warrior fighting. I’m very visual, so graphic—it was more about shapes.” Goldin’s models, however, looked more ready for a day at work than the battlefield: boxy silhouettes interplayed with sleeker body-hugging dresses and asymmetrical skirts and jackets; feminine ruffled collars peeked out of more masculine pieces. Goldin also experimented with textures, mixing leather with knits, chunky horizontal ribbing with thin vertical ribbing, and wool with leather. It was this combination of textures, along with Goldin’s use of color blocking—black with camel, olive or red—that made her outerwear especially strong.
What’s on Goldin’s agenda now that fashion week is over for her? Her next collection—and the Golden State. “I’m traveling tomorrow to L.A. for vacation, partially work,” said the designer.