Sunny Times, Warmer Climes: Louis Vuitton’s New Beachwear


Published February 3, 2011

With its vibrant prints and lovingly sculpted, outsized sunglasses, Louis Vuitton’s latest beachwear offering is what Gidget might buy after growing up, trading up, and banking her first million. The swimsuits are cut with intricate detailing, whether it’s a lingerie-inspired, beribboned bikini or the waterproof equivalent of the little black dress. The tote bags are self-contained little scenes of summer tranquility: a cloudless beach, a jungle view, and a sun-baked street, all of which you can carry around under your arm. If summer itself could be made ready-to-wear, this would be it. But the highlight’s got to be the monogrammed beach towel that you roll up and buckle into the shape of that famous Vuitton luggage—even soaking wet and practically naked, you get to keep your status symbol.