Pop Goes Lisa Perry

Designer Lisa Perry is  a noted collector of both art and vintage clothing, so it makes perfect sense that she’d find inspiration in  famed 1960s photographers Nat Finkelstein (1933–2009) and Carl Fischer. The result of said inspiration is a limited-edition line that incorporates Technicolor graphics into mod A-shapes. Both photographers captured some of the iconic imagery of Warhol’s factory and the selected pictured for the collaboration captures legendary moments in the life of Warhol and Edie Sedgwick. The collection consists of six exclusive pieces, including A-line dresses and jersey T-shirts. The pieces are all cotton with images digitally printed on them. You can pre-order the pieces now or wait for them to go on sale July 1. The dresses will retail for $1295; the T-shirts will retail for approximately $100 and debut in stores shortly thereafter.