LFWM FW 2017: The Highlights

The fashion calendar is constantly changing. Over the last few days in London, British brands have been showing their Fall/Winter 2017 menswear collections. Yesterday, however, Vivienne Westwood presented a collection for men and women. Titled “Ecotricity” and marking Westwood’s LFWM debut, the show’s theme was Westwood’s spin on resource-friendly fashion—what the show notes describe as: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Finger puppets adorned models’ hands; there were diamanté penis pendants and links replacing buttons on blazers; and one model sported an “IOU” belt.

Sibling also showed both mens- and womenswear in its first season with Judy Blame styling the show. J.W. played with granny chic, with oversized sweaters and crocheted slippers. Astrid Andersen used pheasant feathers to find the regal side of sportswear. Liam Hodges explored camo clubwear. Xander Zhou was all about the night cap; at Bobby Abley, the monogrammed choker. For Topman Design, the mood was fun ’90s London by way of 19th-century boatmen: tight, tattoo-like tops, sneakers, and plenty of fluorescents.