Let the Loewe Squeeze Bag Be Your Fashion Month Stress Ball


The Loewe “Squeeze” bag, available on September 7th.

For our latest handbag review, Interview senior editor Taylore Scarabelli and market assistant Nicholson Baird sat down to discuss the Loewe “Squeeze,” a new luxurious leather number that features a soft, squishable handle and a body-hugging physique. Available in a range of colors, from chalk and oak to olive and chocolate, it’ll be your main squeeze as the seasons change and fashion month approaches.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: So I actually saw these bags on my first trip to Paris Fashion Week. I had the showroom exclusive and I don’t know if I should say this but the handle made me think of the Mombasa bag at first—but with a Y2K-era Kareem Rashid flavor. It’s very contemporary. I love the baby blue. What would you call this shade?

NICHOLSON BAIRD: It’s something like cornflower blue.

SCARABELLI: Oh, wow. That’s so romantic. 

BAIRD: That’s my favorite colorway.

SCARABELLI: Me too. Do you wear the squeezey scrunchy part in the back or in the front?

BAIRD: My heart tells me squeeze goes in the front because then it’s flat against your side.

SCARABELLI: Yeah. Then you have this little dangly chain and Loewe pendant, a little tail-y tail.

BAIRD: I think you can make it longer and then, dare I say, cross-body it. Right?

SCARABELLI: That’s wild stuff. I don’t know about all that. But I like how she just flops over when you set her down.

BAIRD: She’s cute and relaxed.

SCARABELLI: Is there a jumbo in that box?

BAIRD: Yeah here it is. It’s really hobo, which I like.

SCARABELLI: I don’t know if you’re allowed to say that anymore. [Laughs] But you can definitely fit a change of clothes in there, if you need to sleepover at your man’s house or whatever.

BAIRD: From the office to the sleepover.

SCARABELLI: Yeah, she’s great for a little overnighter. 

BAIRD: No one would ever know. 

SCARABELLI: It’s all about the handle. It’s very squeeze-y. It’s good for when you’re at a fashion meeting and the girls are getting bitchy. If you ever feel like you need someone to hold your hand, you can just squeeze the little handle and you’ll feel better.

BAIRD: It’s a stress ball.

SCARABELLI: Exactly. So we have the—what did you call this? Prairie flower blue?

BAIRD: Cornflower blue.

SCARABELLI: And then this is this nice, elegant ivory. This is an interesting color. It’s brown, but it’s almost purple.

BAIRD: Wait, is it? You know how boys can be colorblind more often? Because I’m kind of having that moment.

SCARABELLI: That’s totally a thing, but it could be me. Do you see what I’m saying?

BAIRD: No but okay. 

SCARABELLI: You’re stressing me out now, I need to squeeze the handle.