“Bare Feet, Scratchy Grass”: Our Interns Review the New Loro Piana Wicker Bags

loro piana

It’s our first-ever Loro Piana handbag review. On a rainy day spent cooped up in the office, Interview interns huddled around the brand-new chocolaty calfskin and wicker Ghiera and Cedar bags from the Italian luxury brand to dream of warm weather, popping grapes, and touching grass.


LILY KWAK: Here are the new Loro Piana bags. I like the clasp on this one. Easy access.

EMMA STOUT: What are we accessing?

KWAK: They’re like wicker baskets, so fruits galore. Maybe it’s overflowing with grapes, like a baroque painting. Very Dionysian.

STOUT: It’s giving grapes of luxury. It’s a picnic summer.

KWAK: We’re going cherry-picking.

STOUT: I could see Gwyneth Paltrow wearing this on a beach in Saint-Tropez, maybe a martini in hand.

KWAK: It’s straight out of White Lotus. The Ghiera looks like a little chocolate biscuit. Pretty scrumptious.

STOUT: I want to take a bite out of it.

loro piana

KWAK: This bucket bag is perfect to pack a nice wine to the park.

STOUT: And your pocket-sized puppy.

KWAK: One of those skinny dogs.

STOUT: What are we wearing with this?

KWAK: A nice white linen dress and some brown sandals. Or bare feet, scratchy grass. Who are you taking on your picnic date?

STOUT: Josh O’Connor. He can fit his tennis balls in here if he needs to.

KWAK: Tennis-core is not in, in my opinion.

STOUT: But picnic-core might be. This is for a picnic on a yacht. It’s a reliable bag.

KWAK: Yeah. They need to make more reliable bags for women. I can’t trust anything these days.