Don’t Call Kevork Kiledjian Sexy


Paris-born designer Kevork Kiledjian’s high hemlines and body-hugging leathers show off the feminine form to the nth degree. But it’s the former Triiad and Guilty Brotherhood designer’s fantastic cuts and use of materials that elevate his work to something far fuller and more refined than you might expect from someone so synonymous with the “s word.”

“I am really hands-on concerning fabric choices,” the designer told us as when we caught up with him in preparation for his Milk Studios presentation this coming Wednesday. “I need to search, touch, discover. It is part of my creative process.” Kiledjian’s ambitious and involved attitude comes as no shock to those who know his history—he owned his first retail store in Cannes at only 20 years old. “We had lots of fun, and people still talk about it!” the designer says of the experience. “[European graffiti artist] Mode 2 came to my store and did the most amazing graffiti ever on the ceiling.”

Nowadays, Kiledjian’s inspirations seem far and away from those of the early aughts—the designer cites his wife, designer and stylist Fanny Bourdette-Donon, as the ultimate sounding board. “When I design, she is the first one to see my work,” Kevork explains. “We speak about it, we fight about it—I hate her sometimes because she is a tough critic and has an amazing eye, but she is right most of the time!”

No doubt due to the help of his stunning spouse, the daring designer says his newest collection may have put him on a new plane entirely. “I feel that I finally found a balance with this collection, which truly reflects the aesthetic of my line,” Kevork admits. “And my wife loves it too! So I should be fine, don’t you think?”