Keeping Up With Miss Jones, Part III

Clea, Genevieve, and Derek Blasberg. All photos by Genevieve Jones.



I saw Justin Timberlake (Swoon!)

Okay, so today there really isn’t so much to write. No need to bore you with my full day of work. I was late for the William Rast show, so I watched it from backstage. But I got to see Justin Timberlake, escaped a mob of people leaving the show, hopped in a taxi and headed to Takahashi for dinner. But I grew sad as I drove down Lexington Avenue, remembering that Marc Jacobs was having a show—and I was one of the 1700 people left out. I started BBM-ing all of my friends to see if they were going. Of course Derek Blasberg replied, “I’m going to Marc’s now…” I could practically hear his voice and see his face through the text message—you have to know Derek… Tears started welling up and then I remembered my funny friend is also a writer and so he’s basically press. I was assured that none of my non-press friends were there for fun, so I didn’t die that night. Derek texted me to let me know the show was glorious and that Marc Jacobs was wearing my safety pin earrings in his ears and Rachel Zoe had on my snake vertebrae bracelets. So my night was made!


Nothing gets me out of bed faster than knowing I’m making sales! Damn good morning! I’m really feeling today; its sunny, crisp, and my dog won’t stop kissing me. I haven’t yet burned out on shows because I didn’t really go to any yesterday. So I get as much work done as I can so I can have a nice afternoon watching shows and seeing my friends—and writing a semi-interesting diary! The first show is Dennis Basso but the first stop before anything else is the W Lounge for Billy’s red velvet cupcakes: my favorite! I get inside, take my seat and do the usual, wait and write emails on my Blackberry. The room starts filling and who sits next to me but the most adorable little girl!? In .0001 seconds Clea grabs my hand and she’s my new BFF. We talked about our favorite fashion and foods and having names that no one can ever spell right. Children are perfect, especially Clea Guerrand-Hermes!

After the show I went to the Mac Lounge and made some nerdy videos that will probably never see the light of day. Then I went to visit PJ Pascual and Tina Maristella Ocampo at her home. She showed my her amazing new collection of bags and jewelry. She’s by far one of my favorite accessory designers. We both work and use artisans in Asia, and our influences are similar, so naturally she’s my kind of woman. I love her!

I had so much fun at Tina’s place with her and PJ that I completely lost track of time and missed Chocheng, but I viewed it online and it was stunning. I finally headed back to the tents and went to the Max Azria show, and wouldn’t you know, I loved it! I love chantilly lace and knit and cutouts and Max Azria put it all together and it was sexy!


Derek Blasberg.


Fabiola Beracasa. Genevieve and Leigh.


Speaking of sexy, Fabiola came in wearing a studded leather garter belt outside her jeans—yes—outside, that’s the look! Leigh Lezark was also in garters that were part of her T-shirt. I was in Emmanuel Ungaro, no garter belt this time. After the show Fabiola, Leigh, and I made more videos for Mac before Fab and I went to go see an art exhibition curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. It was so cool! His friends Salim Langatta, PC Valmorbida and David Mushegain were  the artists in the show. My favorite pictures were of Erin Wasson but I’m biased in favor of people I just love in general. Inside was a mix of insanely cool people—Mary-Kate Olsen, Julie Gilhart, Carine Roitfeld, and every supermodel in the world.




Fabiola and I made our exit after 45 minutes; then I dropped her home and headed up to the Alberta Ferretti show. I wish I had time to change into the gorgeous dress Alberta Ferretti gave me but no way was I going to make it in time so I’m saving it for another night! Zani Gugelmann did have time to change into her Alberta Ferretti frock and she looked flawless, duh. I pretty much only talked to Zani at this show, and by now I’m ready to pass out. I say my goodbyes, slip on my comfy Capezio jazz shoes, and look for a taxi—there were plenty of them, two cold windy blocks away.

Home now. I wait for my boyfriend Zac to arrive to help me decide what to wear to Vladimir’s after-party. I spoke to Kai Kuhne and told him which of his looks were my favorite looks, and 20 minutes later two garment bags of clothes to my apartment! He’s insane! Totally together and flipping genius. I didn’t want to risk ruining his beautiful clothing for a night of dancing and drinks spilling everywhere so I wore a black Dolce & Gabanna lace minidress with a metallic rainbow dress I’ve had forever by Olivier Theyskens when he designed under his own name. I didn’t bother with makeup, just some red lipstick that fell right off from making out! Okay, and now I’m ready and off to Indochine!


Zac and I arrive and there are like 100 people waiting out in the cold to get in. Not fun. It was cold: I’m in fishnets and a trenchcoat that looked totally sexy and hot, but I was cold. I kept my cool and quietly text messaged SOS BBMs to help get me in, and once in I could see why they had such a fabulous group of people waiting outside. There was not an inch of room! No exaggeration. I mosh pit  through the room to get to coat check and luckily found Julia, Natalie  Joos, James Penfold and Carine all in the back.  Zac and I hung out in  the back with them and broke a sweat before the first song was over.  
Fun and finally!  This was the one party I knew would be the most fun. I literally danced the entire time and took minibreaks to speak to friends like Interview’s own Christopher Bollen, Victor Glemaud, my BFFs Julia, Derek, Lyle, Natalie, Rachel Chandler, Rachel Zoe, Hamish Bowles, Milla Jovovich, Andre, Olivier, Natasha Royt, Lindsay Thompson, Keegan Singh, Elise Overland, Tom Sachs, Adam McEwen, Natalia Vodianova, May Anderson. Even my dentist, Christopher Perez made it! Did I name enough people? It was fun! Afterwards, while other people went on to places like Beatrice Inn and 1Oak I went to bed. I had to end it on a perfect note. And with that said—With love, Genevieve.