Fit for a Brawl



Jil Sander has paired up with Damiani for a line of limited-edition jewelry, and it sends mixed signals. My first impression of the asymmetrical diamond earrings was that they look like “barbell piercing meets trust fund kid.” But the good news for those of us watching our wallets: you only need one to make a statement!



Frankly, the thought of wearing my hair down with one of these in my ear scares me, and even worse: What if I were on a date? Would they scare someone special from wanting to get to close? But for the most part I love the clean lines, and of course the diamonds along with “sophisticated tough chic” vibe of the earrings, so I might scare a few suitors away … I like playing hard to get.



Jil Sander’s collaboration with Damiani launches today.