Jeremy Scott

It’s New York Fashion Week and seasoned
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Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2015 collection was a dandy, candy dream—rave candy, that is. Scott’s language has always had a healthy dose of kitsch and plays on the hyperboles of bad taste, but, it must be said, his clothes are fun, ballsy, and tap into youth culture, especially the ’90s raver redux nostalgia that’s cropped up in the past year or so. His wildly colored, psychedelic floral baby doll dresses, Saved by the Bell prints, electric purple and green marabou-edged jackets, midriff tops, gold-lamé miniskirts and shorts, platicized slickers, furry skirts, and graphic tees with images of Shrek and slogans like “Don’t Do Drugs” and “Fuck Shit Up” drove home the partying point.

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