Americana by Jason Wu

Iconic statements are not something that Jason Wu shies away from.  The 28-year-old has already designed perhaps the most globally recognized dress in the past ten years, and continues to cement his reputation for producing classic sportswear by designing—what else?—the Great American Shade.

“There are sunglasses associated with every famous woman,” said Wu at a party for the launch of his eyewear collection, Modo for Jason Wu, at the Illori sunglasses store in Soho last night. Wu’s sunglasses bespeak his love of distinctly American sihoutettes, evoking 1970’s Jackie Kennedy and Old Hollywood excesses in equal measure. Wu also designed optical glasses, the first Illori has ever carried. 
“Traditionally optical has been know more about being functional than fashionable,” said Wu.  “Myself extremely nearsighted, I said, you know what? We need a unisex collection that is extremely designed.” 

So what does Wu look for when buying glasses? “It’s fit,” he says putting on a pair.