James de Givenchy Gives You Reason to Stay Home



While jeweler James de Givenchy knows the right way to top off an outfit is with a bit of sparkle, he’s also figured out how to polish off a room with a carefully crafted scent. After 15 years working with all kinds of baubles for his jewelry line Taffin, de Givenchy is expanding to scented candles with the release of three scents: Fleur d’Oranger, Bois de Lilas, and Sapin. Inspired by his years working at his uncle (the legendary designer Hubert de Givenchy)’s perfume factory, James de Givenchy wanted to recreate some of his favorite scents from growing up in France. The evergreen-scented Sapin recalls de Givenchy’s memories of entering a warm and inviting home with a Christmas tree. “If I smell it—it is holidays and happiness,” he says. The lilac scented Bois de Lilas evokes opening a window in springtime with flowers in bloom. The citrus Fleur d’Oranger, a favorite in scent and color of de Givenchy, was inspired by the clementines he would get growing up while on vacation. But most important for de Givenchy, the simple act of lighting a candle brings to mind the comfort of arriving home to welcoming company. He says, “Fire is alive—when a candle is burning, someone is home.”