Jack Greer Gives the World Six Boyfriend Jackets



“Every medium I’ve worked in has come as a result of accessibility,” says Los Angeles native and Pratt grad Jack Greer. The 24-year-old Greer’s nonchalant making do has resulted in zines, sculpture, photography, painting, and tattoos. When he stumbled upon a half-dozen denim jackets at a flea market, the artist embraced its utilitarian ethos and took to embroidery. On his first attempt Greer customized a jacket for himself, with a patch that paid homage to his dog Iggy.

The next jacket that was louder and more brash than something he would typically wear. Taking inspiration from punk and DIY culture, Greer designed jackets with imagery and text on the jackets take made subtle nod to bands like The Germs and The Ramones, without being an overt plug for any one group. Greer emphasizes the handmade quality of the jackets, and says they’re personal for their small imperfections. The punk lyrics on them are simultaneously lighthearted and pessimistic.

Greer showing his creations to Opening Ceremony VP of Creative Olivia Kim, and the rest is history. She asked him to create a (very) limited edition of six one-of-a-kind custom jackets for the store. Initially unisex, they became decidedly womenswear after the designer had a female friend try one on. Hopefully there’s more to come, as Jack acknowledged that while he has no specific plans he’s “open to the idea of making anything and everything.” The jackets are currently available at Opening Ceremony in New York, or via phone order.