“It’s Giving Serve”: Vinnie Hacker’s Highlights From The AMI Seoul Runway Show

AMI Seoul SS23. Photos courtesy of Vinnie Hacker.

The Bukaksan mountain in Seoul Korea served as the majestic background for AMI’s SS23 runway presentation. Alexandre Mattiussi chose Gwanghwamun Square for the brand’s first international show post-pandemic as a heartfelt thank you note of sorts to his South Korea clientele, which he warmly referred to as “” in the show notes. Professional strutters like Hyun Ji Shin and  Tae Min were joined with by fresh faces cast right off the street in sexy but nostalgic clothing—sporty crop tops paired with leather and glittering pants merged AMI’s signature Parisian flare with the cutting-edge aesthetic of Seoul’s youth. Red and black kerchiefs decorated most of the models’ necks, making for the perfect 60s-inspired homage to the brand’s French roots. Among the many guests who made their way to Seoul for the show was Vinnie Hacker, the famous TikTokker known for his unique style and thirst-inducing selfies. After the runway show, Hacker shared a few highlights from his first-ever trip to Korea, including a dinner with fellow hot boy Manu Rios and a newfound love for socks and sandals.


INTERVIEW: What are you wearing?

VINNIE HACKER: AMI Paris, of course. This time around I was excited to wear darker colors for the show, including the AMI Boxy Shirt with the see-through fabric and hearts, as well as the leather down jacket to tie together the top.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your pockets?

HACKER: My phone, my wallet, and a pocketful of sunshine.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your system?

HACKER: Well, we had a huge breakfast at the hotel, and the white toast was absolutely incredible—not joking, it was insane. After that, I consumed a bunch of Valorant highlight clips before the show. That got me enough natural adrenaline for the night.

INTERVIEW: What did you think of the show?

HACKER: It was incredible, the backdrop of Seoul made for such a surreal almost otherworldly feeling. All of the models looked stunning and did an amazing job on the runway. I always love going to AMI Paris shows and Alexandre always knows how to make the experience feel larger than life.

INTERVIEW: Can you describe the collection in three words?

HACKER: Traditional, Clean, Spicy.

INTERVIEW: What was the show giving?

HACKER: It’s giving serve.

Image courtesy of AMI.

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look?

HACKER: Not only did this set look incredibly comfortable but the shorts and long coat combo plus the socks in sandals are a huge vibe.

INTERVIEW: Did you see any crushes in the front row?

HACKER: Gage Gomez.

INTERVIEW: Who was sitting next to you? Did you talk to them?

HACKER: Manu Rios! We got KBBQ the night before and had such a fun time with him and his team.

INTERVIEW: Is this your first time in Seoul?

HACKER: This is my first time in Asia. It feels like when you’re young and time moves slower because you’re experiencing everything for the first time. Although I didn’t get to experience much of the city I got to walk around and shop with Gage, do some karaoke, and get some amazing Korean Barbeque

INTERVIEW: What was the highlight of your trip?

HACKER: The food and the service. Everywhere we went felt so welcoming and special because of the people.

INTERVIEW: What is the best time to show up to the after party?

HACKER: First one there, scope out a spot to occupy, maintain eye contact with everyone who enters, and claim the territory as your domain.