“Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker, and This Is My Ultimate Sweatpants Review”

Vinnie Hacker

Sweatpants MM6 Maison Margiela. Jewelry (worn throughout) Vinnie’s Own.

Behind the scenes with the 20-year-old gamer, model, and social media superstar as he flexes his favorite sweats for TikTok.


SPEAKER 1: Is that good?

CAROLINE GAIMARI: Yeah, that looks super. Can we turn the music off?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

GAIMARI: Do you want to introduce yourself ? So, you would say, “Hi.” What’s your last name?


SPEAKER 3: That’s your actual last name?

HACKER: Mm-hmm. A lot of people ask that. 

SPEAKER 3: I had no idea. That’s crazy.

HACKER: Yeah, a lot of people question that, actually. It’s weird. It’s a German last name, apparently. I don’t know.

GAIMARI: I’m shocked. 

HACKER: Yeah. It feels normal to me, obviously, because it’s my last name. 

GAIMARI: You were destined to be a star with that name. So, do you want to say, “Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker.”? 

HACKER: Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker, and I’m here today to do some things. 

GAIMARI: What’s that sound?

HACKER: I have no clue.

SPEAKER 1: That’s the heater there? Do you want me to turn it off? 

GAIMARI: No, that’s okay. I think it’s fine. 

SPEAKER 1: I can turn it off. It takes two seconds. 

GAIMARI: Okay. Super. So, if you want to say, like, “Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker,” and then you can say, “This is my ultimate sweatpants review for Interview magazine.”

Vinnie Hacker

Sweatpants MCM.

HACKER: Okay. Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker and this is my ultimate sweatpants review for Interview—oh my gosh.

GAIMARI: My gosh. You can start again because he turned the heat off in the middle of you talking. Now is perfect.

HACKER: Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker and this is my ultimate sweatpants review for Interview. I messed up a little bit.

GAIMARI: You can do two sentences and just say, “Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker.”

HACKER: Okay. Hi, I’m Vinnie Hacker, and this is my ultimate sweatpants review for Interview magazine.

GAIMARI: So, what do we want? I feel like for these, we just want to be like, what’s up with the classic gray sweatpants? Why did gray sweatpants all of a sudden become an enormous trend?

HACKER: I feel like gray’s just such a common color, and you can wear it with almost anything. Also, sweatpants are very comfy. I have a lot of black and white clothing, and a lot of gray clothing. So, I think it’s just a simple color that you can put with anything, and I think that’s why they became so popular.

GAIMARI: Do you have something in your pocket? 

HACKER: I do. I have my wallet in there.

GAIMARI: Wait, come back here, because I need to show you taking it out, because if not, it’s going to be like, what is in there? Do you have something in your pocket?

HACKER: I have my wallet. I probably don’t need this right now. Okay.

GAIMARI: So, you want to just say, like, “You can’t go wrong with a pair of gray sweatpants.”

HACKER: You can’t go wrong with a pair of gray sweatpants. They match with anything.

GAIMARI: Then, let’s have a 360. Perfect. Perfect. Then, can you just tie the drawstring?


GAIMARI: Perfect. 

Vinnie Hacker

Hoodie and Sweatpants ERL. Bandana Vinnie’s Own.

HACKER: They’re comfy, that’s for sure. They are gray sweatpants. Can’t go wrong with them. I feel like there’s just something about gray sweatpants that makes them more comfy, but only if they’re gray. They can be comfy if they’re in different colors, but gray is the most comfy. It just feels right.

GAIMARI: It looks right. 

HACKER: It looks right. Am I rating these out of ten? 

GAIMARI: You don’t have to, but I feel like we can use that for another one. I think we have our quote. 


GAIMARI: Done. Next. 


GAIMARI: Wait, where’s your coffee?

HACKER: Over here. 

GAIMARI: Let me get one more sip of coffee. It’s here. Now, walk. Now, walk. Okay, perfect. Okay, super. Thank you.

Sweatpants MCM.


Tank Top and Sweatpants Celine by Heidi Slimane.


Vinnie Hacker

Sweatpants Loewe.


Vinnie Hacker

Sweatpants Isabel Marant. Socks Stylist’s Own. Shoes Dior Men.


Sweatpants Purgatory.


Vinnie Hacker

Tank Top and Sweatpants Eastie. Sunglasses Dior Men.



Grooming: Zaheer Sukhnandan using Mac Cosmetics

Photography Assistant: Brandon Noriega

Fashion Assistant: Isabelle Fields