What the Interview Editors Think of the 9 New Celine Perfumes

Nothing establishes a persona quite like a perfume, and nothing declares a change in attitude like a new one. A new signature scent signals a new you–gone are the smells of yesterday, and with them, the mistakes of days gone by. And what’s more fun than one new perfume than, say, nine? Luckily, Celine debuted a brand new line of perfumes, ranging from the romantic (“Dans Paris,” “Parade”) to the risqué (“Nightclubbing,” “Reptile”), as well as their first dedicated Haute Parfumerie boutique in Paris. Below, the ever-diligent Interview editors-turned-olfactory experts share their takes on each of the scents.


Cologne Française

Megan Schertler, Managing Editor

“Wearing this makes me need a drink. In, like, a fun way. It makes me want a Boulevardier, specifically. On the rocks.”



Ernest Macias, Editorial Assistant

“This scent is reminiscent a night of no sleep, bus, club, another club, another club, another club, plane, next place, no sleep, another club. It’s for party folks who wear sunglasses after dark because it’s chic and sort of annoying. It also, in a weird way, smells like China Chalet.”


La Peau Nue

Evalena Labayen, Editorial Intern

“It reminds me of the wrinkled, but very soft, hands of an Upper East Side woman as she hands me her coat to check.”



Mark Burger, Digital Editorial Assistant

“This is giving me a bright, floral moment. Like I’m walking through the hedge maze in The Shining, but it’s springtime and Jack Nicholson isn’t chasing me. Shelley Duvall is with me, though. And after we wander for a while, we enjoy a beautiful brunch on the lawn overlooking the mountains.”


Dans Paris

Sarah Nechamkin, Digital Editor

“A bundle of fresh cut daisies, afternoon tea time at Grandma’s, a baby’s bottom. Judy Garland. Innocence on the cusp of revelation.”


Saint-Germain Des-Prés

Bella Khoshaba, Market Assistant

“Reminds me of a luxurious vacation. It takes me back to summer in the South of France.”


Black Tie

Jack Vhay, Designer

“Off the (finely-tailored) cuff, the impression I get from this one is warmth—somewhere between amber, vanilla and powder. I can’t help but envision the following scenario: It’s evening in Manhattan. An imaginary romantic partner and I are slinking around some well-to-do part of the city, seated in the cushy rear of a two-tone Dune Silver metallic/Emerald Green metallic Mercedes-Maybach S650 w/ Nut Brown/Black Exclusive Nappa leather interior (obviously). I apply Black Tie. The destination: doesn’t matter, as long as its swanky. And it goes without saying that we’re both in black tie.”


Eau de Californie

Sarah Brody, Market & Accessories Director

“Cleansing all the negative energy with notes of burning Palo Santo and a hint of tree moss… but make it Parisian couture.”



Jadie Stillwell, Editorial Intern

“This smells like how you feel two cocktails deep and wandering into the lobby bathroom of a hotel you could never afford to stay in. You’re a little dazed, you are absolutely going to have a headache in the morning, but when you look in the (very blurry) mirror, you think ‘I look like I belong here. I look like a German heiress. I look cool as fuck.’ And you do. I’m just saying if Anna Delvey wore this perfume, she’d still be handing out hundred dollar cash tips at the Beekman.”