“Psychedelic Cowboy Daydream”: Celine Homme Winter 24 Goes West

celine winter 24

All images courtesy of Celine.

It’s time for another Celine show review, and this time Hedi Slimane took us to the badlands. The Mens Winter 24 film is named after “Symphonie Fantastique,” a 19th-century psychedelic composition on lovesickness by Hector Berlioz. And we’re tripping on this season’s Mojave Desert fantasy—leather-clad and bedazzled cowboys enter on horseback and depart in vintage cars, a continuation of the French fashion house’s current midcentury obsession. Equally fascinated is our senior editor Taylore’s Uncle Nick, who’s a fan of all things rock n’ roll.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: They’re helicoptering in a Celine jukebox. I need one. What kind of car is that?

UNCLE NICK: Those are caddies. Looks like they’re from the ’70s. 

SCARABELLI: Nice. Do we like the music? This is the psychedelic symphony. 

UNCLE NICK: Classical. 

SCARABELLI: 1860s meets 1960s. Damn, look at this epic runway. 

UNCLE NICK: This is bizarre.

SCARABELLI: It’s fabulous, right? It’s a French fashion house called Celine. Oh, look at that haircut.

UNCLE NICK: I like it. Rock n’ roll.

SCARABELLI: They even have Celine license plates on the caddies. Oh, I love the John Lennon glasses. You need those, Uncle Nick. 

UNCLE NICK: Oh, yeah. 

SCARABELLI: What do you think about the clothes, Nick?

UNCLE NICK: I like it for young people, I can’t do that. 

SCARABELLI: What about that cropped leather jacket?

UNCLE NICK: Very nice, but I can’t wear that. It won’t fit. 

SCARABELLI: I’m sure they make it in your size. I like the cowboy angle, cowboys and rockstars!

UNCLE NICK: Yeah it’s pretty good. 

SCARABELLI: That big shearling coat. 

UNCLE NICK: Beautiful cinematography. 

celine winter 24

SCARABELLI: I need to get Slava’s band dressing like this. I’m into the super cropped sleeves. 

UNCLE NICK: Well, that’s rock n’ roll.

SCARABELLI: Oh yeah. I’m into the crystal jacket. A little desert sparkle. 

UNCLE NICK: It’s glistening. Is that gold? [Laughs]

SCARABELLI: Now we’re really getting into the psychedelic cowboy daydream.