INTER-Picks: ’40s Style



Put down your apron and take your pumps out of the kitchen. The retro ’40s housewife look is no longer just for hosting dinner parties. Style trends from the ’40s can go from day to night (as easy as changing from nude to red lipstick) with a refreshing version of sexy you can’t get with a micro miniskirt.  Earlier this year, Beyonce married the old style and new attitude in her music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” in which she donned Alexander Wang’s extreme cat-eye sunglasses ($325 at Barneys). This summer, I’ve been switching up my standard cut-off jean shorts for high-waisted hemmed ones. They can be worn just as short as the modern version, but they avoid the impression that you just left the beach.  Known for their simple cuts and color variety, American Apparel‘s tap short get straight to the point ($40). The look is both effortless and put-together–imagine a girl who can maintain perfect hair while driving in a convertible.  Finally, a light scarf can add a bit of quick glamour. Tied around the neck or head, a Hermes pour Liberty Tatum Cotton Scarf ($100) will have you feeling like Grace Kelly within minutes.