INTER-Picks: White Jeans


In Paris this season, as all of the Japanese press and bloggers were photographing the usual suspects, our own Fashion Editor-at-Large, Ludivine Poiblanc, stood out—and not because she was wearing layer upon layer of designer clothing like everyone else. On the contrary, she was wearing a simple camel coat and a pair of white Levi’s jeans. She captured what girls want to look like these days—chic and understated, and not about to brag about how much they just paid for something.

Despite the rule about Labor Day, and the warnings of bankers and Westhamptonites everywhere, I’ve always loved white jeans. The problem with the fairer denim isn’t tradition (or keeping it clean), so much as it is that designers choose thin fabrics that aren’t so flattering on the leg. I did some homework and found the following denim most to my satisfaction. FROM RIGHT: 1. GAP cropped trouser: To cuff, or not to cuff? I prefer un-cuffed, worn with a nice knit and a pair of kitten heels. Best to wear all your taboos at once. ($69.50). 2. Anlo Nori Jeans: The wash is slightly thinner than that of the GAP’s pair, but if you like a long, lean leg, this jean look great with flats or boots. ($156.00) 3. Get Levi’s classic mid-rise boot 553 cut jean, for more of a clean trouser feel ($59.50).