INTER-Picks: Put Your Hands on These Watches

After a couple of years of wearing my father’s oversize watch, I recently rediscovered  my college graduation gift, a small and very ladylike chain-link watch with a blue face. When I consider my next watch purchase, I want to keep it small and timeless—after all, you’re not really using it to tell time anymore, so best to be discreet about your all-gold accessory. Luckily, all the watchmakers agree, and are now making timekeepers to accommodate my delicate taste (and arms). The Omega Gold Constellation watch is classic and enespected,with Roman numerals on the frame ($8,300). The Cartier mini pasha watch, available in yellow and rose gold, comes with small diamond details ($19,900). The Swarovski Baguette, which comes in non-gold amethyst, crystal, and jet, is the budget get at $675. The all-gold model is so chic because the proportions, with the face set into the watch’s wrist band, is just like a bracelet–which is what a watch amounts to anyway nowadays, right?