INTER-Picks: Camera Cases


Whether you’re chronicling a vacation or shooting the local streets, a SLR camera case tends to scream tourist.  Rather than walk around with the traditional bulky nylon case, I cover my camera in an old dust bag and toss it into a messenger bag–certainly not the most responsible system.

Fortunately for shutterbugs, an expanding niche market for camera gear now provides chic alternatives to the nylon case.  From left to right: Louis Vuitton’s Damier Graphite camera bag is an effortless fusion of classic aesthetic and modern needs (£1,460.00 at Louis Vuitton). Photographer Kelly Moore’s website sells men and women’s compartmentalized bags in the same vein in a variety of shapes in colors, each with room for phones and passports ($199 at Kelly Moore). Meanwhile, Billingham’s Classic 550 restructures the classic men’s messenger into a fully functional camera case ( £391.30 at Billingham).  I’ll take one of each, camera or no!