Honest by Gets to Heaven

Bruno Pieters, former art director of Hugo Boss, is quite the pioneer when it comes to sustainable fashion. In January 2012 he launched Honest by, a company offering 100% transparency as well as only eco-friendly and vegan products. Today, a capsule collection by Indonesian accessory designer Heaven Tanudiredja is being released on the e-store.

“Heaven is someone who doesn’t work in this business to be a star but because he loves the work. I knew the story behind his collection was as beautiful as the design, and that is very important for Honest by,” says Pieters about the 31-year-old Tanudiredja.

Despite being trained in womenswear at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and landing a job with Dries Van Noten after graduating, jewelry was the focus when Tanudiredja launched his eponymous line in 2007. “To me, it’s easier to tell a story with jewelry,” he says.

Inspired by mental disorders, Tanudiredja handcrafted a six-piece capsule collection of coated brass necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and a clutch adorned with haunting gold-plated hands and chairs embellished with vintage crystals—a simpler version of the 12 sculptural pieces he presented in Paris in March. “A friend described how an autistic family member cages himself in his own world. There’s something beautiful about that, and it translated well into jewelry,” Tanudiredja explains.

Born and raised on the island of Bali, Tanudiredja grew up learning how to appreciate and respect nature. “I think spending my childhood in nature directed me to become a designer,” he says. “Even now my color choices come from nature.” He recognizes the environmental crisis and thought the opportunity to work with Honest by was a perfect one. “It’s our job to be aware of and protect the environment,” he states.