Hedi Slimane Masters the Influencer Uniform

Hedi Slimane, the creative force behind Celine, and the fashion industry at large, have a long-standing fixation with youth—mind, body, soul, and culture. Before COVID-19 brought the world to a halt, concerts, festivals, and sponsored parties were the breeding ground for trends and style references, even if in recent years attendees were physically there, but digitally elsewhere. Now, with outings few and far between, today’s youth lives on Instagram and TikTok—dancing to viral dances, posting thirst traps from their content mansions, and making memes. And though many have said influencers are over and canceled, it looks like some influencers keep influencing—and may have caught the eye of monsieur Slimane. His Summer 2021 Celine Women’s show, previously recorded in Monaco and directed by Slimane himself, features the new Celine girl strutting around a running track to the beats and bars of Princess Nokia’s “I Like Him.” 

The collection pays homage to the influencer uniform: a trusty incognito baseball cap, thick and dark-framed sunglasses to dim the paparazzi’s flashes, a midriff-baring top to flex those pilates abs, and of course, the blasé attitude of a girl who is cool but doesn’t try too hard to be. Slimane’s rendition of the influencer and jet-set wardrobe staples are often paired with perfectly tailored blazers, classic trenches, and the quintessential black leather jacket, carried by the model-influencer Kaia Gerber (who alone has amassed 5.9 million followers on Instagram). The effortlessly preppy-chic looks, styled by Slimane as well, were paired off with a curated selection of leather goods and handbags—just big enough for a wallet and most importantly, an iPhone. C’est chic.