Griffin Gluck is Hedi Slimane’s Biggest Fan

Griffin Gluck

All photos by Griffin Gluck.

It was one of the best experiences ever,” says Griffin Gluck of Big Time Adolescence when our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli asks him about posing for legendary photographer and Celine creative director Hedi Slimane. The duo are perched on the second floor of Celine’s newly renovated Miami Design District flagship where a mirrored staircase reminiscent of yesteryear’s iconic Parisian discos gives way to the house’s highly coveted Celine Homme and women’s ready-to-wear collections. Meticulously reimagined by Slimane himself, the space boasts vintage furnishings, sculptural artworks, and a haute parfumerie display that together marries 21st century brutalism with a laidback California ambiance that Gluck, who is just graduating from a child acting career, is well-versed in. “I love all the artwork,” he gushes. “Hedi’s got such good taste.”


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Why don’t we sit over here. There’s a good view of the Celine skateboard. Do you skate?

GRIFFIN GLUCK: I do. I grew up skating.

SCARABELLI: Oh really? You need one of these.

GLUCK: It’s too nice for me. I would destroy that thing in a minute.

SCARABELLI: That’s hot. We love a shredded Celine skateboard.

GLUCK: Yeah. So you’re from Miami?

SCARABELLI: No. I’m from Vancouver, but I live in New York.

GLUCK: I love Vancouver. I just worked there for, like, six months. Me and my castmates split this sub-penthouse in Yaletown. 

SCARABELLI: That sounds fun. What were you shooting?

GLUCK: I was shooting a show for Hulu called Cruel Summer.

SCARABELLI: Cool. Have you been to Miami before? I love the design district because it feels like a VR world.

GLUCK: It’s my first time. I got in last night so I haven’t been able to see any of it, but the 12 hours I’ve been here have been great. We had a fantastic dinner at the hotel, and then I woke up early to come here.

SCARABELLI: What are your first impressions of the store?

GLUCK: It’s gorgeous. I love all the artwork. Hedi handpicks all of the art for the stores, even all the little details like these books and stools. And I think he’s got such good taste. Each store is so different.

Griffin Gluck 

SCARABELLI: You’ve been shot by him, right? How was that?

GLUCK: It was one of the best experiences ever.


GLUCK: I actually grew up speaking French, but when I showed up to the shoot, they didn’t know that, and they were talking about me. Nothing mean, but they were like, “Let’s lose the belt. I like his shirt. But that tie is just not working.” And so I responded in French like, “Alright, I’ll get rid of it.” And they were like, “Oh shit.”

SCARABELLI: [Laughs] Very smooth.

GLUCK: I think it made the whole thing a lot more fun.

SCARABELLI: I’m jealous. I’m definitely the girl who doesn’t know what’s going on whenever I go to Paris. I’m like, “How am I going to make it in fashion?” [Laughs] Okay. So tell me, what are the top three items you want to bring home today?

GLUCK: Top three is tough. I want everything. I’m really liking these classy shirts, the button downs and that suit. It’s very my style.

Griffin Gluck

SCARABELLI: The wool moment?

GLUCK: Yeah. And those pants. I never wear leather pants, except for Celine events, but I think it’s about time.

SCARABELLI: Only Hedi gets you in the leather.

GLUCK: Literally.

SCARABELLI: What about this military jacket? Is that too crazy?

GLUCK: No, that’s not too crazy at all. I’ve got much crazier pieces in my closet. I’m putting together the outfit in my head right now. I’m seeing a shirt and a tie. I would also do some of these accessories.

Griffin Gluck 

SCARABELLI: Oh my god. Did you see the Celine dog accessories?

GLUCK: Yeah, I took a picture of them.

SCARABELLI: Do you have any pets?

GLUCK: Yeah, I grew up with pets. I had five dogs and five cats at all times. That’s the legal limit for how many cats and dogs you can own.

SCARABELLI: There’s a legal limit?

GLUCK: Yeah, and we found that out the hard way. Our neighbors called the cops on us for having too many cats. 

SCARABELLI: Wow. That’s really unfair for all the cat ladies out there.

GLUCK: And all the cat guys. I like having cats around.


GLUCK: Cat cats.

SCARABELLI: How many cats do you have now?

GLUCK: Just one. Her name’s Luna. She’s the sweetest little white snowball.

Griffin Gluck

SCARABELLI: And she needs a Celine dish.

GLUCK: She needs all of this. She’s a really bougie cat. She’s very spoiled.

SCARABELLI: Okay. I have some more shopping questions. Who is your ideal shopping buddy?

GLUCK: My buddy Nicky. He’s just got some of the best fashion sense of anyone I know. And he’s a lot of fun to go around with because he’ll be like, “This can go with 17 different outfits,” or, “This is fun for a day.” He makes me spend money on stuff that I really need.

SCARABELLI: Do you try everything on or are you just a grab and go guy?

GLUCK: I’ll try it on in three different sizes before I go home with it. I like getting pieces that will last me and that can go with a bunch of outfits, so I want to make sure it’s perfect.

SCARABELLI: You’re a real fashionista. 

GLUCK: Yeah. No online shopping.

SCARABELLI: Do you have a favorite Celine runway show or collection?

GLUCK: It has to be one of the shows I went to. The recent show in Paris was really amazing.

SCARABELLI: The men’s show?

GLUCK: The one at Le Palace. Also the Wiltern show in L.A. What a great time.

SCARABELLI: So fab. I’ve heard some stories about the after parties. They sound like a wild time. Okay. So you’re taking photos today. What’s your secret?

GLUCK: There’s no secret. I can tell you about my camera though. It’s a Leica M5. My parents got it for me for my 22nd birthday. It was the least popular Leica ever made because it has this huge oversized dial, but it’s my favorite camera. People love it now because of all of the little imperfections. 

SCARABELLI: I can’t wait to see. So what are you most looking forward to this year? 

GLUCK: I don’t have anything set in stone but there are a lot of opportunities and I think it’s an important time in my career. I’m transitioning out of the whole child actor and the young adult projects thing. I have nothing against them, but I feel like I’ve done enough. So I’m just looking for something a little different and waiting to see what that might bring. Other than that, I’ve been wanting to get into writing and making my own stuff and I’m slowly making progress on that.


SCARABELLI: That’s exciting. Do you have any dream roles or projects?

GLUCK: I don’t think I look like him that much, but I think a biopic of George Harrison would be a lot of fun.


GLUCK: I’ve got a buddy who tells me that sometimes I remind him of him. That would just be a really cool story. But I don’t think I have a dream role. I just have dream genres. I’ve seen a lot of really cool horror comedies recently, I don’t know why there aren’t more of those.

SCARABELLI: Like campy horror flicks?

GLUCK: Yeah. Bodies Bodies Bodies was really great, with Pete Davidson. And then This Is The End. Just really silly, stupid stuff like that. I’ve done more serious things, but I think my heart lies with comedy. I get more joy out of it.

SCARABELLI: You want to do a satire.

GLUCK: Yeah. I love a good satire.

SCARABELLI: Me too. Alright, well, I feel good. Do you feel good?

GLUCK: Yeah, I feel great.