First Dibs: Chloé Nylon Bomber Jacket


Thug c’est chic with this muted green Chloé bomber: introduced as a part of the 2012 resort collection, the jacket is a minimalist take on the classic outerwear piece, and the balance of hard-edged utility and soft-curved whimsy is maintained in this deft reworking of an autumn staple. The silhouette is refined and streamlined to its essentials: ribbed high-collar and cuff, multiple zips, and the crop cut. Yet the effect is far from austere. The excesses of “utility-esque” are traded for those of sensuality, and the elements that survive the strip-down are given outsized, luxurious treatment: the puff is puffier, the rounded collar and cuffs cradle, and—oh!—that green


This First Dibs item was selected by Interview Market Assistant Alexa Lanza.