First Dibs: Balenciaga Spring 2013 Look 27

Following Nicolas Ghesquière‘s departure from Balenciaga at the end of the month, we found ourselves looking back at his Spring collection with especially covetous eyes. We think this look will make the perfect collector’s item: it’s got all the sculptural futurism that Ghesquière has injected into the brand in the last 15 years and still a touch of the fifties-style femininity that made Cristobal an iconic couturier in the first place. We won’t be waiting for this investment to mature, though: the bra top, printed tweed mini and leather booties are still perfectly à la mode at the moment, and these are sure to sell out in a second. Maybe more than ever, we need first dibs.

This First Dibs was selected by Interview fashion assistant Charlotte Fetridge.

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