Fashion Week Questionnaire: Rachel Comey

Photo of Heather Lawless


For New York Fashion Week, Interview asked our favorite designers to respond to a questionnaire. Rachel Comey’s runway shows have quickly become something of a spectacle; this year she’s invited stand-up comedian Heather Lawless to perform. And it’s happening right now. Before the photos of the show hit anywhere, we have the Comey’s front-row prediction.


1. One person you know will be front-row: Mr. and Mrs. Spengemann and Mr. and Mrs. Spengemann.  I knew Pascal Spengemann (co-owner of New York’s Taxter & Spengemann Gallery) from when I lived in Vermont.  We’ve been tracking each other and collaborating on various things for years. When I was in Vermont after college, living in the stix, he volunteered. His mother helped on my first fashion venture, an underwear collection—she made some of my very first patterns! She works in the costume department at Dartmouth.


2. How has New York changed since last Fashion Week? Well, we have a new president! Obviously, we have the ‘recession’ on our hands as well.  Its an interesting time, full of optimism but also fear. This seems to have sparked a lot of mainstream media interest in Fashion Week.


3. What’s your uniform during Fashion Week? Heels! I’m like an 80s antiperspirant ad: tall, cool, and calm while under pressure.


4. What do you drink during Fashion Week? Coffee for breakfast.  Gin and Beers at night.


5. What are you most worried about in preparation for your show? Having enough time for the look changes! There are many layers.