A Long Way to Go: Nails for Winter

Nails aren’t clothes: As the weather changes, there’s no biological reason that they should change. Yet somehow, this season’s longer nail suggests that women are digging in for winter. We spoke with Kimmie Keyes for China Glaze, and asked her, “What gives?” She explained that, “Round and pointy is very feminine and edgy at the same time.”

Because nails are longer, there’s more room to decorate. But surprisingly perhaps, some women, like Rihanna and Katy Perry and Fergie, are holding back and favoring a long nude. “It’s a classic color that compliments all skin tones,” says Keyes.

And even if evolution isn’t the name of the game, technology has something to with it, says Keyes. “Because of gel polishes, women are starting to wear their nails a little longer because of how gels protect and strengthen the nails, giving them the option of all sorts of shapes and lengths.” She recommends gel polishes, because “They create a shiny and perfect look all while remaining chip free… A lot of the celebrities that I work with really like to wear what I call the ‘gobstopper manicure,’ which is a base of gel polish secured with a couple coats of top coat and another nail polish color on top.” This method gives them the option to constantly change the color without disturbing the base gel polish.

As for celebrities who give great nail, take a look at Rihanna, “because she likes them long and pointy, with colors that ranges from bright to nude.” Katy Perry will wear pretty much anything, even her fiancé, Russell Brand’s, face on her nails.