The Best Fall Hair Trendsâ??From Those Who Know

Fall has definitely arrived. And while we’ve spent the past couple of weeks forecasting on trends to come, we thought it would be rather beneficial to know exactly what to expect now. With this in mind, we asked some of the top hairstylists from coast to coast to weigh in on fall cuts and styles that are on-trend, like, today.

“Here is a shot [LEFT] of what I did on Drew Barrymore recently. The strength of the well-kept, powerful women in the ‘50s and late ‘60s is an inspiration of mine. Mad Men-meets-Sharon Tate, Bardot. Hot is in. Grown-out bobs are a great trend for more of an ingénue look. [There are] examples of this in my work with Mia Wasikowska and Carey Mulligan.” —Jamal Hammadi

“In the months of September and October, most clients return from the summer holidays with damaged hair and washed-out color. This is a good time to choose a style that will cut out the damaged hair and give the client a new fresh look. For fall 2010, I see strong, clean line cuts with lots of layering and texturizing (layering around the face). If you like to add color, then fall holds warmer color: for blondes, a little darker! For clients with darker hair, some caramel highlighting!” —Tiffany Kaljic

“The trendiest cut for fall will be a shag, heavy bangs and a lot of sexy framing around the face, and shorter layers from the crown down. Length varies on shape of face; this is a versatile look which can be worn wavy or straight!” —Cervando Maldonado

“The first trend is the modernized, big ‘60s look—it is the comeback of the tease. The biggest difference from the ‘60s is everything is loose and very natural. A chic yet sophisticated trend is the bob. It should definitely be geometric, and frame the face with heavy bangs. The bob has to be short, around the lips.

A medium-length bob: there should be texture at the ends of the hair to create a lot of movement. The part should be in the middle of the hair, but not straight; to create the full effect, the hair has to be messy. To achieve the messiness, use a big curling iron, pulling the hair away from the scalp and just rolling it around.

The short gypsy look is a great trend for fall. Add layers throughout the hair, short bangs, and keep the sideburns messy. This do is also about bold color: your hair should be one shade. All-red, all-blonde, all-dark—but must be a single process.” —Fabrice Gili  (National Creative Director, Frédéric Fekkai)

“The look is short and messy, with the ability to pull off a polished and more sophisticated look. Each girl has the same chin- to shoulder-length bob with a ton of layers. It looks great on straight as well as wavy to curly hair.” —Nikki Ferrara