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Ella Emhoff Gives Futuristic Warrior Royalty At The Louis Vuitton Cruise Show

Photo courtesy of Ella Emhoff.

Last night at sunset, Louis Vuitton debuted its 2022 Cruise collection in San Diego. Ella Emhoff—the model, muse, artist, and self-professed homebody—made an exception to her 8:30 PM bedtime rule to attend the show, which took place along the sun-drenched concrete promenade at the Salk Institute. After a long night out, Emhoff spoke to Interview about the show’s futuristic warrior feel, the Cruise looks that were both grocery store and wedding appropriate, and what to do when you don’t know anybody at the after party.


INTERVIEW: Where are you?

ELLA EMHOFF: Currently in my hotel room post-show madness, waiting for some much needed food. 

INTERVIEW: What did you have for breakfast?

EMHOFF: I had a pretty good breakfast this morning. Croissant turkey sandwich, a big cold brew, ginger juice and an orange. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I like to go big. Lunch is eh. Dinner is good too. 

INTERVIEW: What are you wearing?

EMHOFF: Still in my look for the show, can’t seem to get myself to take it off. It’s simple black trousers, an LV monogram button down and this fuzzy textured grey jacket with coat tails! I was really excited when I saw it. When it comes to getting dressed for shows, I like to get out of my comfort zone. But it felt so good to put a suit on and feel very authentic to myself. 

INTERVIEW: What’s in your pockets?

EMHOFF: My pockets are pretty bare right now. Just a sad little mint wrapper. 

INTERVIEW: Whats in your system?

EMHOFF: Not enough. I’m surviving on a gin and tonic and a little Wagyu beef bite they had at the after party. 

INTERVIEW: What was the show giving?

EMHOFF: It was giving futuristic warrior royalty. Between the looks themselves, the venue, and the orangey glow from the sun setting, I kept imagining myself fighting for my life in the post apocalyptic world in metallic pants, huge shoulders and wrap around shades. 

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look?

EMHOFF: I have two. Sorry if that’s not allowed. Look 2 and look 46 are just so good. Starting with a huge puffy dress is always a plus in my book. 

INTERVIEW: Where would you wear those looks?

EMHOFF: The first look I would wear anywhere from the grocery store to my wedding. I love dresses that you can play up or down. The second look I would wear to my studio. It’s a way better version of what I usually wear there. 

INTERVIEW: Tell us about the after party—what was the vibe? 

EMHOFF: I went to an after party hosted by the legend himself—Nicolas Ghesquière. It was at this amazing home covered in candles, and it had a huge fire pit overlooking the water. It was really nice to take a sec and listen to the waves before things started to pick up. I got to chat with Pat McGrath, who is a ray of sunshine and makes me feel like such a queen everytime I see her. I also caught up with my show buddy Derek Blasberg who is such great person to have at these things, because I didn’t really know anyone. 

INTERVIEW: When’s the best time to get to an after party?

EMHOFF: Don’t listen to me, I always get there way too early. I would say 45 minutes after it technically starts, so you aren’t sitting in a chair in an empty event space like me. 

EMHOFF: When’s the best time to leave?

EMHOFF: I sadly had to leave early this time around, killer early flight, but usually I would say one-ish. You don’t have enough time to end up extremely hungover and tired the next day. But I’m also a homebody, so I’m tempted to say 8:30 pm