Mel Ottenberg Gets Cozy With Louis Vuitton SS23

Louis Vuitton SS23

Images Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Okay. So, I’m looking at the new Louis Vuitton SS23 collection and I’m really into it. Leather. Punk. Memphis. And the technique is amazing. I’m touching this velour-ish animal print pant with a giant zipper. I love it. All the fabrics are really good. The lace stockings are insane. The leathers are the most incredible colors humanly possible. The tweeds are really big and exaggerated. We all know that the zippers are huge and insane. But the proportions of these things with the mixes of leathers—wow. Everything from the stockings to the checkerboard with the vinyl patent shoes, to this insane Belle de Jour jacket. It’s really about the fabric mix. Oh wow. 

Louis Vuitton SS23

I love a black leather belt, obviously, and this one is incredible. The bags are incredible. They’re gems. There’s really demented brown leather boots, platform boots with a faux wooden sole and gems all over them. It’s like the Mandarin Oriental gems in those weird little VIP rooms in the lobby, but done really right. There’s also stockings with gems on them. They’re just really worth spending a zillion dollars on, because you can have them forever. 

Louis Vuitton SS23 Louis Vuitton SS23

Let’s see what else. The jewelry is delicious. The baby dolls. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the baby dolls and they’re back. We’ve got them at Rick [Owens]. We’ve got them at Ludovic [de Saint Sernin]. And we’ve got them here. These ones are really intricate and really interesting. They’re highly structured in ways that I’m really taken with. There’s this leather petal dress and it moves. Oh my god. I’ve absolutely never seen anything like it. I’ve been seduced. Also the soundtrack, “Must be the reason why I’m king of my castle.” We were really gagged about it. Everyone was texting about it during the show. It’s a snap. It is probably the best soundtrack of any show I saw this season because it’s so, “See you next Tuesday.” That’s it. We’re done here. Thank you so much. Merci!