An Earth Day Bounty of Sustainable Beauty

While April is unofficially Earth Month, tomorrow is officially Earth Day. What does that mean? Essentially, it is a big happy birthday to Mother Earth, as well as a day to reflect on all that we’ve done to cause harm and all we can do to repair it. Going green, being conscious of your carbon footprint, making the switch to organic produce and other products—these are all easy and relatively painless ways to make a difference. But it goes far beyond organic or green. Sustainable living is when the natural life and human life are in symbiosis with one another—and this is where you really start to see a change.

There are so many ways to help: go to the official website,, and have a look around to see how you can evoke change. In the meantime, check out our slideshow, above, to see how some of our favorite beauty brands are giving back to Mother Nature. We call this sustainable beauty!