Dreams of Milan

Still haunted by memories of Milan: What started at the Moschino show,  materialized as a trend at the Viktor & Rolf appointment. It’s the influence of René Magritte, the most figurative of the Surrealists, and fittingly, the son of a milliner. At Moschino the influence might have hit you over the head—there were bowlers caps, umbrellas, and dandyish tailoring, cribbed straight from one of Magritte’s dapper sitters. At Viktor & Rolf the disembodied pipe details recall the painter’s cheeky, linguistic The Treachery of Images.


But Magritte isn’t just lighting up runways. This Jeeves Wooster set includes its own bowler hat. The set claims to be inspired by P.G. Wodehouse, but any gentleman’s personal gentleman would detect the real inspiration.