The Doctor is Inâ??Very In!

Dr. Martens has always been a brand fascinated by its own history—any boot that’s survived Britain’s factory floors, skinheads, and fans with names like punk pioneer Joey Shithead has the right to be. But after gracing a good amount of runways and picking up the odd design award, the Doc has evidently been feeling a little homesick. Cue S/S-11, the company’s first apparel line, which arrives in the U.S. next week; it’s inspired by the high collars and unassuming plaids of “British Workwear.” For men, that means lightweight chambray button-downs, sailor-striped T-shirts, and some austere madras. Yes, austere madras. For women’s apparel, Dr. Martens just lowers the hem a few inches and calls it a day: solid-color and gingham shirtdresses, a light pocket T-shirt dress, and a loopback sweatshirt dress, all cloaked in the hazy indigos and grays of a London drizzle. The line also features matching his-and-hers “Dr. Martens” tees, just like factory hands in 1901 would have worn.

Overall, the company’s first venture into clothing is appealingly casual and unrelentingly modest, like something you would throw on if you felt like going a little incognito. Like, say, after the work boots you bought suddenly became famous, for weird and unpredictable reasons. Actually, it’s totally possible that this entire line was created just so you might have something to wear with your Dr. Martens.