Dior Fall/Winter 2016: From Set to Show

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection brought the maison’s traditions—from printed jacquards based on Christian Dior’s original sketches to the classic bar suit—into the modern era. Purple-black lips and laceup booties gave the collection a sense of streamlined cohesion as looks slipped between printed silk and satin dresses and dark wool and cashmere coats. There was an emphasis on the simple sensuality of the single exposed shoulder, with coats, jackets and dressed design to fall slightly off center.

It took 300 people 18 days to build the set for the show, which took place earlier today outside the Louvre. Designed by Bureau Betak, the pop-up construction featured a mirrored exterior and 500 square meters of décor. Watch the exclusive time-lapse video to get a sense of the scale of production.