Dior’s Timelessness

As always, Dior’s haute couture collection leaves us lusting for more with Raf Simons’ strict attention to subtle, yet defining details on every piece. This season, pale blue gemstones connect both circular and diamond-shaped delicate chain-link tops that are worn atop pristine dresses of various colors and silhouettes; infinity symbols made of gold join the back and front panels of a dress with a Pointillist floral design; oversized capes are tailored to a precise, draping fit, often with one full sleeve like that of a coat and the other a traditional armhole. The palette draws largely on soft pastels, but also includes an earthy moss green, deep burgundy, black, and even a bold royal blue. The famous New Look of 1947 also makes an updated appearance with a full skirt, flared sleeves, and pale mint floral design, and we can’t forget to mention the glitter, cutout platform sandals. Our favorite standout investment piece, however, is the midnight blue velvet floor-length, long-sleeved dress with a deep-v neckline that intersects a cinched waist. It’s a timeless classic, much like Dior itself.