Delpozo’s Winter Eclipse

Unia Pakhomova’s preferred party guests are Delpozo’s Fall/Winter 2016 designs. In “Winter Eclipse,” the Spanish label’s new film featuring the collection—which we’re pleased to premiere below—the fair model finds herself alone at the end of a party, which she makes into the start of one all her own, and brings Delpozo’s pieces to life to keep her company.

“We wanted to create a surreal world where the dresses were the main focus, rather than the characters,” Josep Font, the label’s creative director, tells us. Font chose Casa Gomis, the Barcelona home of Richard Gomis designed by Catalan architect Antonio Bonet, as the video’s setting. Its mid-century modern design pairs well with Delpozo’s voluminous, architectural silhouettes when set before director Pablo Maestres’ lens. “I knew of the house, and thought it was timeless like my collections,” says Font. “It has that retro feel but at the same time, you take a look at the house and it’s very modern.” 

Beyond inspiring “Winter Eclipse,” the mixing of the past and present is at the crux of the collection itself; its industrial palette and dramatic shapes are inspired by Fritz Lang’s seminal 1927 sci-fi film Metropolis. The result is a vision of the future authored by the past, but suited for the contemporary moment.